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Fuel injection parts -Other Plunger /Other Element


We offer an extensive range of the finest quality Plunger. These products are widely used in conditions where high and large viscous quantities of paste and liquids are to be fine atomized or turn to mists. The atomized sprays are easily collected at low flow rates. Our precision engineered products are highly appreciated for high performance, smooth operation and durability. And they are available at affordable rates.


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Zexe No. Stamping No. Vehicle Model Engine
130101-1320 K65    
131101-0720 184-7 ISHIKAWAJIMAS /ISUZU  
132101-0120 U922    
132101-0520 U923    
133151-7420 Z71    
134176-1020 PT12    
134176-1620 PT22    
134178-1220 PT38    
140151-0720 K2    
140151-1820 K14    
140151-1920 K15    
140151-2020 K16    
140151-6420 K49    
140153-3520 K147    
140153-4120 K153    
140153-4220 K154    
140153-4320 K155    
140153-9020 K199    
140154-8520 K283    
140163-0520 K297    
140154-1920 M21