FAW’s Hongqi Vows to be China’s most popular luxury brand
Established in almost 60 years ago, Hongqi Auto always represents Chinese luxury cars for all these years. Xu Liuping reveals Hongqi’s new dream during the H7 launching ceremony on September 21st that. Xu said that FAW Group conducted a major organization adjustment on September 18th and Hongqi brand will be operated directly by FAW to make it the first luxury brand in China.
Xu Liuping also said that FAW Group is taking efforts to create Hongqi brand and periodical achievements have been made. FAW Group held a product quality oath-taking rally in Hongqi Factory on August 23th, pointing out that Hongqi products should meet world top luxury brands’ standards. FAW Group also held a discussion and conclusion conference to offer suggestions for Hongqi’s rejuvenation on September 9th.
FAW Group also delivered 100 Hongqi vehicles to Changzhou Communications Industry Group and announced to launch lifetime free warranty services for Hongqi products. In the meantime, Hongqi also conducts a thanksgiving activity.
Besides, Xu Liuping also said that FAW Group would release the middle-and-long term development strategy for Hongqi brand till the end of year, describing the brand rejuvenation blueprint.
Rejuvenating Hongqi brand also contributes for the consistent developments and advances of society. Hongqi initiates the “Hongqi Poverty Alleviation Dream Fund” at the activity site. In the future, Hongqi will consistently invest in poverty alleviation and other charity campaigns to burden social responsibilities and help more people realize their dreams.
Supported by FAW Group, Hongqi is now consistently promoting the landing of product matrix and accelerating the layout of sales-net channels, as well as deepening the brand construction. In the future, Hongqi will explore a broader market and become the first and only luxury brand in China, creating the new brilliance for domestic brands.
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