SAIC Chase carries three strength products landing in the New Zealand market
"Golden nine silver ten" Chinese harvest season, in the southern hemisphere of New Zealand is the spring of all things growing. For SAIC Chase, this equator north and south different scenery, is a very wonderful metaphor: through innovative technology and business model bear fruit, is ushering in the international development of the spring. September 28, SAIC Poca T60 in New Zealand, the price range of 34,000 -4 million New Zealand dollars. SUV D90 and new energy products EV80 simultaneous appearance, SAIC Chase's global strategy, in New Zealand on the bridgehead to further deep plowing.
For more than four years, in New Zealand as a bridgehead overseas market, SAIC Chase to "Chase speed" rewrite the Chinese car brand sea pattern, from the "market break" to become "innovation promoters" toward the "pilot" role. SAIC Chase's success in the New Zealand market is a manifestation of its responsiveness to consumers, the market and society. It is a humanistic concern for consumers to understand, be willing, willing and enjoyable. It is a global perspective. The inevitable choice of strategy.
At present, SAIC Chase global distribution network initially established, the formation of five key core markets (Australia, Europe, ASEAN, South America, the Middle East). Overseas developed country market has become the largest source of SAIC overseas sales.
According to SAIC's "thirteen five" overseas business outlook, by 2020 at home and abroad production and sales scale reached 300,000, of which exports accounted for more than 20%, car and travel service scale of more than 15,000.
In order to achieve the above objectives, SAIC Chase will continue to accumulate technical reserves, all kinds of gasoline and diesel engines to fully meet the EU and six emission regulations. Fully grasp the new energy powertrain integration technology, independent development of electronic control, batteries, hybrid gearbox and other core components.
SAIC actively responded to the country's "all the way" initiative, focusing on the global development trend of the automotive industry, and put forward the strategic goal of building a world famous automobile company with "global layout, transnational operation, international competitiveness and brand influence" Firmly grasp the unprecedented development opportunities, and strive to integrate the advantages of global resources, and actively carry out the globalization of the layout.
In recent years, the company in the global focus on the development of regional active business layout, which set up innovation centers in the United States Silicon Valley, in ASEAN, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, South America, North America, Australia and other 15 key countries and regions to establish a marketing network, And in Thailand, Indonesia, India established three production bases.
The first half of 2017, SAIC vehicle exports and overseas sales grew 44.4%. Among them, SAIC is up to 49%; MG MG brand car market in Thailand, the rapid growth, after just three years of development has ranked eighth in the passenger car brand in Chile, an increase of 139%, is the fastest growing brand, In the Car-B HB 22 brands ranked No. 8; Maxus Chase brand in Australia, New Zealand market performance eye-catching, in 2016 in the light truck market segments among the top, the New Zealand market has reached the first two; SAIC-GM-Wuling Indonesia base The first product "Wuling Hongguang" held in July put into production ceremony, the market response is good.
In recent years, SAIC Group aimed at "electricization, networking, intelligent, sharing" the new four trends, to promote innovation and development, and achieved excellent business performance, among the "Fortune" Fortune 500, 41, market value More than $ 50 billion. SAIC's comprehensive strength to participate in the global market competition provides a strong impetus and support. Advanced technology, high-priced products, high-quality supply chain, a mature operating system, adequate capital reserves and excellent talent to help SAIC overseas operations to achieve the core elements of success.
In the future, SAIC will give full play to the spillover effect, and gradually form the overseas business value chain business system and differentiated competitive advantage. At the same time, SAIC took full advantage of local resources, established a mutually beneficial and cooperative relationship with strong partners, fully authorized and supported the local management team, to achieve rapid response to the local market, to bring different users experience And more choices, while creating more tax and employment opportunities for local communities.
In the foreseeable future, SAIC Chase will carry the strength and self-confidence of the Chinese auto brand, under the guidance of SAIC's "innovation, integration and intelligentization" of the "new four" innovation and development strategy. China's auto brand high-end to open up a new line, so that "China-made" to the world.
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