Startup LeapMotor given green light to road test ICVs in Hangzhou
Hangzhou municipal government on May 28 announced the list of companies that have passed intelligent-connected vehicle (ICV) tests. Such enterprises as LeapMotor, Huawei and NVIDIA, are included on the list. It’s noteworthy that the Hangzhou-based EV startup is the only complete vehicle maker.
LeapMotor filed the application for ICV road test licenses last October and has now got five licenses after over half-year testing and verification. These licenses will allow the startup to road test their ICVs on five open roads.
The startup said its intelligent driving team has grasped the core hardware platform and algorithm of autonomous driving with its self-owned key technologies cover the sensing, decision-making and execution levels. 
Besides, LeapMotor has so far made all vehicles equipped with its home grown intelligent driving system “Leap Pilot”. The LeapMotor S01, the startup's first mass-produced model hitting the market in January, boasts Level 2 intelligent driving assistance function powered by 22 high-precision sensors, and is able to be upgraded to Level 3 through OTA.
At the Auto China 2019, the EV maker unveiled its first all-electric crossover SUV, the “LeapMotor C-more”, which is expected to feature Level 3 driving assistance function and support OTA upgrade as well. 
As a part of ICV promotion plan, an innovative industrial park covered by 5G signal was opened in Hangzhou earlier this year to provide companies with facilities to research and develop 5G technologies.
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