Summary of nine mainstream Chinese automakers’ Nov. sales
China's auto market posted the 17th-month-in-a-row sales downturn in November, while the decrease was further contracted over the previous months. According to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM), the country's auto sales slid 3.6% year on year to 2.457 million units in November, but apparently rose 7.6% from a month earlier. 
In spite of the prolong downturn, some major Chinese automakers still attained sales rebound last month. Changan Automobile and Geely Auto eventually got year-on-year increase after quite a long duration.
However, Great Wall Motor failed to maintain a rising momentum. BYD was still stranded in decrease, while it boasted a significant growth in oil-fueled vehicle sales.
SAIC Motor
SAIC Motor, the Chinese largest automaker posted 9.58% and 13.33% year-on-year decline in November and year-to-date sales.
Among NEVs sold last month, 10,675 units were PVs, 62.86% less than that of the year-ago period. Of that, the BEV sales sharply slid 47.87%, while the PHEV sales nosedived 80.03% to only 2,675 units.
It is worth noting that year-to-date all-electric PV sales still zoomed up 69.28%, the only segment featuring positive growth that made the NEV sector maintain the increase.
Moreover, BYD said the sales of the BEV-focused e series totaled 2,441 units in November, of which 1,524 units were the e2 cars.
JAC Motors
JAC Motors said its Nov. auto sales dropped 7.76% year on year, 5.32% more than the decrease in Oct. volume.
The PV unit was mired in a year-on-year plunge of 31.69% with 10,886 units sold, directly leading to the overall decrease. However, CV sales jumped 11.19% to 22,379 units, making the overall drop substantially shrunk. 
As for year-to-date performance, both PV and CV arms were hit with negative growth. Due to the coefficient decrease—17.89% in PV sales and 4.73% in CV sales, JAC Motors witnessed its total sales fall 10.29% to 386,783 units.
The Jan.-Nov. sales of all-electric PVs total 55,163 units (+5.09%), while the volume in November plummeted 66.45% from a year ago.
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