Auto home transformation open platform "car number" officially released
China's leading automotive Internet service platform car house in today held in Beijing, "Chuangshi win win" media conference, announced the car home 2017 annual media strategy upgrade, and officially released its "car number" Pan-car field since Media content and service platform, launched to help the car home PGC ecological construction of the "+ plan 2.0" strategy, marking the car home to further accelerate the platform transformation.
Today's Internet environment, the platform attributes highlight the platform of thinking brought about by the industry changes are sweeping across the industry, more and more pioneering companies began to platform transformation. Last year in October, the car home announced "4 +1" development strategy, that is, the construction of "car media, car dealers, car finance, car life" 4 laps, and from the "content based vertical company" transition to " Based on data technology 'car' company ". "4 +1" strategy, aimed at consumer demand and industrial chain optimization of organic combination, the formation of automotive ecology, to help the car home brand and business platform transformation and upgrading.
Automotive home chairman and CEO Lu Min said: "The transformation of the home of the car home is steadily advancing, we will continue to adhere to the 'link, to win, win-win' concept, to promote the car home content ecological regionalization, And service, continue to break through innovation, the establishment of users, customers and car home tripartite win the biggest car ecosystem, to achieve multi - value.
In the car home from the original vertical media transformation to the content of the open platform in the process, "+ plan" came into being. The first "+ plan" based on the "Gem +" platform is designed to bring together the professional content producers of the car and pan-car with the original spirit for the "Youchuang +" platform, with a focus on supporting a batch of PGC projects and building the largest , The most diverse car PGC quality original content platform. With the gradual changes in PGC ecology, the younger groups of users, the content of the author of IP, diversification of business models, experience the needs of personalized PGC platform is upgraded after the challenge. Based on this challenge, "+ Plan 2.0" era officially opened.
"# + Plan 2.0 'is a new upgrade of' + Plan 1.0 ', covering content, brand, cooperation, service four aspects, is the car company platform operating system to re- Construction. In the '+ plan 2.0' strategy, the car home car home number will be planned to invest more than 200 million yuan of funds and resources, the platform for high-quality content creators for commercial sharing and incentives to encourage the hatred of the contracted red And build, to flow and business benefits to nurture quality content creators. "In the 200 million plan to support the car home to spend 10 million to build the net red" car diffuse Huang Xiao Xie "in the recent landing New York Times Square large screen, formal Declare debut.
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