Follow-up Volvo Maserati 2019 will start a full-scale electricization process
In Volvo released in 2019 to achieve its fully electrified "rhetoric", there is a previous step in the luxury of luxury cars intended to follow this goal.

As the demand for electric vehicles and spending imbalance, compared to other mainstream car manufacturers, FCA in the process of electric has shown a relatively negative attitude.

And now, the car manufacturer has changed the "normal", and gives a very radical plan. Marjorie told investors and the media, from now on FCA will be fully started electrification, by 2020, FCA will have more than half of the models to achieve different levels of electricization, and in this group change Maserati brand will take a major duty of.

"When it completed the next two models of research and development work, its products will be actively to the electric change." Marjorine added that the current product in 2019 after the upgrade, the Maserati will be released all-electric version The "I personally think that they will be able to represent the industry's leading technology level."

It is reported that Maserati's first electric car will be Alfieri, this model debut at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, according to the current plan, will be released in 2019, and launched in 2020 all-electric version. It is worth noting that the official debut from Alfieri has been six years since the time, Maserati's preparation time seems relatively long. In addition, Maserati's first SUV model Levante is also expected to learn from Chrysler hybrid Pacifica models of hybrid technology.

Maserati engineers have said they will not copy samples with Tesla. Maserati's pure electric car will have a branded wild style, adhering to the Maserati violent gene, to enhance the driving pleasure as the core.

In the entire automotive industry to the process of electrification, Maserati is not a precedent. A month ago, Volvo had just released an ambitious electrification program, which decided that all new models launched from 2019 would be all electric or hybrid cars and released five new pure electric vehicles by 2025. This means that the Swedish car manufacturer will end up in the past century with a fuel-driven era.

According to the plan, FCA will be held in early 2018 investor conference, and at that time outlined the future of the Group's specific product planning. However, for Marcheonne, FCA's five-year electrification process will seem to have been no longer in its hands, because the legendary leader has confirmed to the outside world that he will retire in 2019.
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