Based on the future Siwei car adhere to build high-quality car life
November 17, 2017, the 15th Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition kicked off. SWM Siwei car to bring its many models SWM Siwei X7, Inter Milan 110 anniversary edition, EROE concept car heavy debut, and the official release of the future development vision "SWM Siwei car guests 2025." Zhongxun Dan, General Manager of Tencent's Internet-connected Business Unit, Gong Daxing, Chairman of Xinyuan Holding, SWM Swift Automotive, Xie Yong, General Manager of SWM Swift Automotive, and Franz Gorman, Chief Quality Adviser of SWM Swift Automotive ) Solemnly attended the Inter Football Club legend Alvaro 雷科巴 airborne scene to witness SWM Swift Motors embarked on a new development milestone.
With the continuous emergence of new technologies, new trends and new trends, China's auto industry is entering a crucial period of industrial change. At the very end of 2017, the most attractive auto show in Guangzhou, SWM Swift Motors not only focused on the development achievements over the past year but also envisioned the future of health, sustainability and long-term development. Xunduan Holdings · SWM Siwei Motor Chairman Gong Daxing said at the press conference: "insisted eight years more bold, insisted that victory, I believe you can see!" Through continuous hard work and action, SWM Swift Motors will bring the future To more surprises, 2025 to achieve business development vision.
SWM Swift Auto's first model SWM Xavi X7 debut at the Guangzhou Auto Show. With the Italian design, strong momentum, smart technology, large space, comfort and top safety and other qualities, especially with the E-go2.0 car networking system, in the field of intelligent Internet technology has drawn great attention. Tailored for the Chinese consumers Inter Milan 110th Anniversary Edition models, fully demonstrate the passion and charm of cars, football, but also SWM Swift Motorsport and Inter Milan Football Club to deepen the concrete performance of cooperation. EROE concept car full of sense of technology in the future, with leading technology content and strong and lasting motivation, shows the result of SWM Swift automotive technology.
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