The 5th Automotive and Environmental Innovation Forum will be held in Shanghai soon
With the rapid growth of the car ownership in China, the energy and environmental problems brought by it have become increasingly prominent and have become an urgent and urgent problem to be solved in the automotive industry. In the recent years, the rapid development of the automotive industry has given rise to four major development trends in the global automotive industry: electrification, intelligence, networking, sharing and technological innovation than ever before At any time can be more powerful to drive industrial change. In this industry trend of change, we need to keep abreast of the latest information, focus on key areas in order to be able to assess the situation, to grasp the future.
 From December 8 to December 9, the 5th Automotive and Environmental Forum will be held in Anting, Shanghai. This event will be truly a veritable exchange of ideas and collision between the automotive industry experts and big coffee makers. This forum is sponsored by the national "Thousand Talents Program", sponsored by China Automotive Talent Research Institute, undertaken by Geshi Automotive, Wilson Technologies, Guangdong Satellite Telegraph Security Co., Ltd., China Automotive Engineering Society, China Automotive Components and Parts Industry Co., Ltd., Han's Laser Technology Industry Group Co., Ltd., Shanghai Rongnan Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen An Zhijie Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Baolong Automotive Technology Co., Ltd., Suzhou Zhongcheng New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., Ningde Times New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Such as corporate sponsorship support.
  The scale of this session goes beyond similar activities. Invited to more than 150 leaders of the automotive industry, to learn leadership, academicians, more than 200 authoritative experts in the automotive and related industries "Thousands of people plan", more than 650 guests at home and abroad to participate. Fundamentally guaranteed the professionalism and height of the meeting, so that every participant can make a great achievement and a worthwhile trip.
  December 8 for the plenary session, the theme of "technological innovation-driven automotive future", different areas of the automotive industry, a large number of big coffee delivered a speech and communicate with the audience. On December 9, three parallel forums were set up with the topics of "Discussion on the Technology of New Energy Vehicles", "Discussion on the Technology of Energy Saving Vehicles" and "Discussion on the Technology of Autonomous Vehicles". A wide range of topics covered, professional content and depth, is an event not to be missed.
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