Interior details of all-new BYD Qin exposed
BYD a few days ago released a series of photos showing the interior details of the all-new BYD Qin. 
Adopting BYD's latest iconic design language, the interior of the new model still insists the theme of simplicity and future sense. The most eye-catching spot is that the all-new Qin is fitted with a DiLink system-powered massive adaptive rotatable floating display at the center console, which is devoid of physical buttons. 
The DiLink in-car smart system to be installed into the new model has been upgraded to the 2.0 version, which supports such functions as intelligent voice control and OTA.
Other niceties include a multifunctional flat bottomed three-spoke steering wheel and an electronic gear lever. However, the all-new Qin still carries a conventional mechanical instrument panel rather than the trendy full liquid crystal dash board. 
The all-new Qin maintains BYD family's iconic “Dragon Face” design language, while some nuances still could be found above the grille—a slender silver trim is seamlessly flanked by matrix LED headlights, visually widening the front face. Air inlet openings are next to the bumper.
At the rear end, the design in which a silver trim connects LED taillights is in tune with that of the front face. It is worth mentioning that its taillight cluster and flank indicators look somewhat similar to the Audi A6L.
The record from China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology shows that the all-new BYD Qin measures 4,675mm long, 1,770mm wide and 1,480mm/1,500mm long, which is a bit smaller than the existing model's size, while the wheelbase length (2,670mm) remains unchanged.
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